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Rental Procedures

Locate a property of interest & confirm the date that the property is available will work for when you are looking to move.

  • All of our listings searchable are on this website and
  •  The available date is also listed on the site. Once you have confirmed that the property you are interested in leasing is available when you are planning to move,

Drive by the property in order to view the neighborhood or area.

  • This is a company policy which is not waived for anyone; This includes those who travel from out-of-town
  • If unsure of directions, get a map or try using some internet websites to map-out directions. If you still cannot locate the property with maps you may contact the office to obtain directions. It is important that you drive by the property to ensure the location will work for you prior to scheduling an appointment to view the interior

Call 434-979-8155 to set up an appointment to view the property once you have driven by. You must be able to provide the address of the property to us when you call to schedule an appointment - (without an address we cannot set up an appointment). And if you don't know the address of the property we know you haven't driven by yet.

  • 24 hour notice is required between making the appointment and viewing the property in order to notify all parties involved
  • Walk through hours are between 9AM-2:00PM Monday-Friday
  • For properties more than 10 miles from our office prospects must fill out an application prior to scheduling an appointment due to the high number of no-shows and high gas prices. After supplying the application to Godfrey Property Management applicant will be called to schedule a viewing of the interior. After viewing the property the applicant may wish to proceed by paying the application fee and completing the requests section of the application.

During the viewing, make notes of any repairs/changes or improvements you would request if accepted to rent. *Take your tape measure if you want to measure any rooms. This appointment is the time to do your walk through and note any questions/room dimensions/make requests in writing on your application so be prepared to jot down any questions at the walk through.  No questions will be answered verbally.  All questions must be presented in writing. Questions may be emailed to the office for a written response. Otherwise, all questions should be written on the application and a written response will be provided.

Turn in application and application fee and the written list (if any) of requests/questions.

If you have not heard from us 3-5 business days after turning in the application call or email our office to check the status of your application.

Monthly Rent
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